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1)  An *nix download manager (like dap or flashget).Yes,there are wget which is command line only (thereforehard to use by beginners) and caitoo which it's farfrom being perfect.So, our download manager will function under X11/Kdeand will target Linux and Free BSD.The features will behandling multi-connections (up to 10), resuming supportfor download and search cappabilities (search for mirrors).project name:Tecman

2) A PowerUp/PowerDown manager.There are powerdownmanagers but a program that is cappable of poweringdown the system I couldn't find anywhere.So this is acomplicated matter because we must write in the CMOSand change the BIOS alarm time.Afterthat everyone couldprogram his PC to boot-up and shut down automaticallyat various amounts of time, therefore performingvarious actions like receveing e-mail and remoteadministration.Platforms: Linux/X11, Win32project name: Powerman
3) A program who connects to Internet, reads emails andvarious other things and sends them to the cellphonevia SMS.Platform: Linux/X11, Win32project name: SMS-It
3) A media player cappable of DivX and DVD.Platform: Linux/X11, Win32project name: PlayMan

4) A program which will reside in the sytem tray andwhich will use simple scripting for automation ofvarious things: like opening an runing programsaccordindgly to a script. In the scripts we will usecontrol and cycling structures like if/then/else andfor, while/do etc.Platform: Win32project name: HelpAgent
5) A 3D, spatial breakout game.SDL/OpenGl.Platform: Linux/X11, Win32project name: BrickStore.
Daca va vin idei despre alte programe postati aici. If you think of developing a new program post here.
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